The top skincare routine hack: starting young

It’s official.

Skincare routines have become a beloved practice in our lives. Through the internet gifting us with a major selection of beauty blog content, Tik Tok skincare tutorials (see @alyaskin for the latest) and Youtube ingredient breakdowns, we are spoiled for choice. 

This has not only allowed us to live our best lives in our self care, but to try products and combinations that are actually designed for our skin types and concerns (love this for us!). It’s also helped us to kickstart our skincare journeys at a younger age, as we’re now armed with the best tips and tricks to look after our skin, keep it dewy and nourished for days, which as experts universally agree, will make a huge difference to us later on in life!

But how can starting your skincare when you’re young be super beneficial when you’re older? Keep reading to find out (after applying Australia’s favourite 6 step routine of course!)  

It can prevent annoying skin issues, which is way better than trying to reverse them

When we are going through puberty, there’s a lot happening, and this is no different when it comes to our skin. Many of us will face the daily battle against acne and clogged pores (sigh). Others will find that the texture and natural oiliness of their skin might change almost instantly overnight, leaving them with dryer or more combination skin (double sigh). But amidst those unpredictable wtf (what the face) moments, this is an important time that allows us many opportunities to form next level habits for our skin and even find ways to help it thrive. Having a skincare routine when we are younger can support the ever changing needs of our skin, so that any current issues we have can be resolved or improved, preventing further ones as it begins to age.   

Good skincare things can come to those who wait. Then apply their routine. Then wait some more.

Skincare is a waiting game, but being consistent and patient with your skin will allow it to make better improvements and forge ahead fabulously. Starting at a young age gives you more time to experiment on what you respond to well and be able to start your skin routine for an actual long haul. Depending on what your #skingoals and desires are you might see results within weeks or even months depending on the products you use and how effective they are. So the earlier you start the less time you will have to spend working on decades of neglected or malnourished skin (something that can be tougher to improve on the longer you wait!).

The younger you start, the younger you will look in the future.

We touched on this earlier but starting your skincare routine when you’re younger will do wonders in the anti ageing department. Whilst there are a bunch of factors that contribute to how our skin ages, your skincare routine is something that you can do each day to make a strong impact. The older we get, the more moisture and brightness our skin is looking for, so being able to combat this early will leave our skin smoother, more hydrated and ready for the future!

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