How long is your turnaround time for website copywriting? 

2 weeks! Sometimes faster. Never longer. 

We need our work delivered ASAP. Can you expedite the process?

We don’t have the patience of Gandhi and we don’t expect you to either. If you need your work in a rush you can pay an additional fee to expedite the delivery date. This fee covers our copywriters working outside their normal hours including weekends and evenings. The fee varies depending on how quickly you need your copywriting delivered but a typical rush fee starts at an additional 30%.

Can we meet in person to discuss our copywriting project?

Being a Melbourne based copywriting agency means that our blood is one part oxygen and two parts coffee. If you want to organise a catch up to go over your project, we’re more than happy to sip on espresso together while we plot how to enhance your brand with meaningful copywriting that punches your competition in the face.

We want bits and pieces from different copywriting packages. Can you make that work? 

Of course! We’re always happy to create customised copywriting packages for our clients that meet their timeline, budget and requirements.

We like your writing style but our brand tone of voice isn’t as…outrageous as yours. Can you create copywriting for a quieter and more understated tone? 

Absolutely! As fun as a bold and unconventional brand tone of voice is to create, we know it’s not suitable for every business. We’ve written for mortgage brokers, property experts, builders and sewage companies. Trust us when we say we know how to write in a… traditional tone of voice. 

Do you have a word limit per page of website copywriting?

In an effort to increase readability and effectively communicate your message, we have a maximum word limit of 500 words per page. 

We want to own the copyright of the work you create. Is this possible? 

Short answer: usually not. But we can determine whether or not to transfer copyright ownership over to our clients on a case by case basis. Send us a message!

How many amendments are we entitled to?

Nobody knows your business as well as you do and that’s why we promise you 2 sets of amendments to your copywriting project. Requests for amendments are valid if (and only if) they’re within the scope of the original brief and are submitted within 7 days of receiving your copywriting project.  

Do you offer retainer rates?
We sure do! Take a look at some of our copywriting retainer packages here.

How does payment work? 

A deposit of 50% is required upfront before any work is commenced. The balance is due upon the completion and delivery of your copywriting. 

We’re a new business and we’re looking for an agency to handle all things digital marketing. Can you help with this? 

We collaborate with a small group of experts in their fields to create a comprehensive “Getting Started” package for new brands eager to make a great first impression. 

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social Media Management
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Branding (typography, colours, logos etc) 
  • Tone of Voice Development & Copywriting
For brands to be heard, felt and adored across the globe.     For brands to be heard, felt and adored across the globe.   
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